Apartment Malta


roof-top terrace

roof-top terrace

Apartment Malta has EVERYTHING! It is located on the fourth floor of an ancient building but it is serviced by a sleek, new lift. If you’re interested in the exercise, you have the option to take the stairs (76 steps). You enter the apartment directly into the sitting room which also houses a corner kitchen and dining suite. The room is very spacious and commences with two comfortable lounges directed toward a large flat screen TV. The kitchen is at the other end of the room and is brand new featuring an electric induction cooktop, electric oven, microwave, and dishwasher. This is offset by mixing old and new with an elegant 19th century sideboard and dining suite.

There are three bedrooms, each decorated in a different style yet maintaining this blend of old and new. Each room has new orthopaedic beds featuring luxury linens combined with sumptuous antique furniture. The main bedroom features an 18th century portrait of a nobleman dressed in the Uniform of the Order of Malta (a noble family Order based in the nearby city of Pisa). This is from where the name of the apartment was derived. There are two rooms which have king-sized bed and one with twin singles.

There are two brand new bathrooms, sleekly designed in an all white theme.

The apartment is oriented toward the south, so there is abundant natural light. Each window provides an amazing glimpse over an internal courtyard and the surrounding rooftops as well as the nearby church (Chiesa dei Servi) and Lucca’s cathedral (Cattedrale di San Martino). The apartment is fully air conditioned.

Continuing on down the hall, one enters the original roof-space of this ancient building and climbs a timber staircase to the roof-top terrace. The Italian word for this is “altana” which means a covered roof-top space which is more like an outdoor room. There are huge openings in the walls which allow uninterrupted views over Lucca. Every tower in the city is viewable from this space and it is possible to watch the sun rise in the mornings and set in the evenings. It is on the equivalent of the fifth floor and is a truly unique space in all of Lucca. Being elevated also allows a gentle breeze in the evenings. There is a huge outdoor lounge suite and comfortable chairs for relaxing after a hard day’s sightseeing and a large, glass-topped, cast iron table and cast iron chairs for dining on the roof-tops. It is hard to imagine not spending most of your timein the apartment in this space.

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